Bright Avenues School Webinar

Bright Avenues’ multifaceted approach to education prepares our students for their futures and helps them to become confident, capable, and flexible in a wide variety of developmental areas.  We strive to enable students to reach their individual potentials in academics, creativity, social and emotional growth, empathetic community involvement, and organizational skills.

Our curriculum includes the standard academic areas of reading and writing, social studies, math, and science.  Into this core academic curriculum we integrate music, visual arts, dance/movement, and drama.  The most current and successful therapeutic practices from occupational, speech, and physical therapies enhance the delivery methods for all formal instruction.

Our program fosters our students’ abilities in the domains of social and emotional learning and executive functioning skills by incorporating into daily classroom and school culture curricula specific to these areas.

The Bright Avenues School 5 Avenues to Personal Potential were created to achieve these high standards for our multidisciplinary curricular program.