Bright Avenues School Webinar


At Bright Avenues School, we give students the ability to realize their personal potential in academics, creativity, organizational skills, and interpersonal relationships.  Our strong community is enhanced by our students’ varied backgrounds, strengths, challenges, interests, and aspirations.  We esteem each of our students as worthy of our utmost efforts to support and nurture them to their highest potential, that they may thereby contribute their best to the world.


Our students achieve their dreams by becoming confident, self-directed individuals who contribute to their communities in compassionate and conscientious ways.



Each child deserves to be educated to their personal and best potential; be taught, and given means, to build upon their strengths while working through their challenges, and be guided to develop resiliency and confidence.


All children deserve to learn in a caring and supportive environment that actively teaches, and requires, the values of understanding, compassion, civility, and service.

Integrated Education

The best education we can provide for our children will include all areas of academic curriculum (reading/writing/communication, math, science, social studies), multidisciplinary arts, social and emotional learning, executive functioning skills, and technology.

Having Fun!

Learning should be exciting, fun, meaningful, full of amazement, and interesting; foster the development of courage and growth through appropriate risk-taking; include joyous times of exploration, discovery, and friendship by allowing for “just being a kid”!